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when 6 am hits at fnaf by xXZaraUzumakiXx
when 6 am hits at fnaf
i forgot who did the base but yea this is me working at Freddys!
Kole Gillespie Atama by xXZaraUzumakiXx
Kole Gillespie Atama
-Name: Kole Gillespie Atama

-Age & Gender: 22, Oct 31st ,F

-Hight: 5'9 1/2

-Occupation (Student/Teacher/Vendor): She makes video games and tests games

-Type of Infected: hunter

-How they interact with other students/teach/work: she doesnt really like people so if she likes you your awesome, kids love her and she's annoyed by that,

-Personality:she can be a asshole but shes really cool to be around she laughs when people get hurt and loves to attack people she likes rough housing sometimes she likes being alone,she thinks if she shows her emotions it'll make her look weak

Background: she doesnt like people shes a daddy's girl not to much bothers her. When shes in a good mood she can be really  sweet and she'll show love. Sankaku Atama (pyramid head) is her dad Alessa is her mom Clementine is her little sister and the twin Pyramid Heads are her uncles. Her best friends and her two hell hounds Princess and Buster and her black mamba Night Shade. Kole was born and raised in Silent Hill she hated the bubble head nurses cause they loved her dad and they looked like whores so she enjoyed attacking them,when she was 13 she got into a big fight and now has 3 scars on her left cheek she always trained hard to earn her executioner blade which she got at age 16 ,she took it on a test spin with her uncles they always hung out and after Clem came along she wasnt as reckless and taught  her how to make stuff (Clem made the creepy bunny things ) after Alessa and Sharon became one and made Kole move to the humans realm she's been kinda pissed off.

-Likes/Dislikes: ice cream, anything sweet,fighting, play fighting, video games, junk food,making horror games, playing horror games,playing with pets,killing,,drawing,fighting her lil sis for last sushi roll,killing nurses,abusing nurses, playing the violin,playing guitar, parcoring,singing alone (she's really good just shy when singing in front of others)
annoying people,nurses, bitter stuff,people in her room with out asking,game crashes, game freezing , broken head phones,dropping stuff,people making fun of her sis,people waking her up on saturdays

-(Optional) Information:she wears a black and red stitched jacket with cat ears and tail on it the cat ears are pierced,her jacket has straps, her teeth are sharp and pointed, her long tongue is pierced 4 times, she has a lip ring,black finger less gloves,torn blue jeans,black and red knee high steel tipped boots, jet black hair thats soft and silky,blood red eyes.she has a symbols of Silent Hill on her right hand going up her arm
Clementime Alessa Atama by xXZaraUzumakiXx
Clementime Alessa Atama
-Name:Clementime Alessa Atama

-Age & Gender: 12- 14 (middle school and high school) June 6 ,F

-Occupation (Student/Teacher/Vendor): Student

-Type of Infected:Hunter

-How they interact with other students/teach/work:shes a good kid around people but when she's not she lets her inner madness come out. She mainly gets in trouble or daydreaming and drawing

-Personality, Family & Background: she's calm until pushed to far and is shy at times, she loves being outside and playing either with her rabbit shes really sweet and just wants to have fun she's not too big on violence but she likes gore and tries to be like her older sister. her dad is Sankaku Atama (pyramid head homecoming) and her mother is Sharon Gillespie (main girl of Silent Hill 2) her older sister is Kole Atama and her uncles are the twin pyramid heads, her rabbit Fluffy is like her baby brother. Clem came to Silent hill with her mother, Sankaku had changed his looks and was sent to seduce Sharon so Alessa could have a child born in the light that child is Clem. After Sharon and Alessa became one Sankaku showed his true form as Pyramid head Clem was 5 during all this and loved having a big sister to play with Kole showed her how to make monsters and how to kill nurses and use her powers. Alessa/Sharon wanted to leave Silent Hill for a while and bought a house in the City where Kole and Clem can make real friends instead of chasing monsters and killing things.Clem is now 12.

-Likes/Dislikes: she likes ice cream,playing the piano  candy soccer playing with friends and being with her sister fighting her sister for the last sushi roll playing pranks making monsters and singing.
she dislikes bitter stuff disappointing her sister and missing the goal when playing soccer

-Appearance : she wears a pink and blue bunny eared hoodie with earrings on them blue shorts with black suspenders knee high blue and pink socks with knee high blue and pink converse with pink razors on the back the sleeves are a bit long and they cover her hands her hair is midnight black with blue and pink tips her hoodie has stitches on them her eyes are green and she has pointed teeth

other:you can be her best friend or her boyfriend/girlfriend she doesnt care about gender if she likes you she likes you

(i'll do some pics of her 12 nd when she's older soon)
Hey everyone dont worry im not hurt but heres what happened and the characters im updating are Zara,Shadow aaaaannnnd hmmm thats it i think. Anyways heres how it happened.

I forgot about a open knife in my bed and i dove in, i felt something go into my leg just above my knee. I sat up and pulled the cover away to see my pocket knife in my leg, i for some reason started laughing and pulled it out when i started bleeding i laughed more as it ran down my leg. It dripped on my blanket and i stopped "i dont want blood on my blanket" i said as i grabbed the closest thing to me which was my tea cup,i held it to my leg as the blood spilled in. My aunt knocked on the door and told me my mother wanted me she opened the door and saw the blood and freaked out."Is that real blood!?" she yelled i nodded laughing...
When i got down stairs my aunt had told my mother and my mother had something in her hand, she told me to sit and i did as told next thing i knew my mom threw sea salt in my cut. Everyone expected me to scream or cry but i kept laughing... Now its almost fully healed it doesnt hurt or anything i still laugh when i look at it.

New fruit
my mom bought me a really cool fruit called "dragon fruit" it looks like  a fire ball it was really good.

Demon is different and is now a Liger.

thats all for now message me rp with me whatever byeeeee

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i love art and SHONENJUMP MANGA

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